WordPress Security + Reliability Program

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You want your website to be intuitive, beautiful, and accessible. You also want it to be secure and reliable.

Toledo Web Designers & Digital Marketing’s website management and security teams specialize in locking down and securing WordPress websites and providing affordable website management services!

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Security equals

Peace of Mind

Products like plugins or themes can have a shelf life. Website Developers may sunset a product, abandoning it without providing further updates or patches.

We help identify any abandoned plugins or themes and recommend suitable replacements for them, so they don’t introduce security holes for your business website.


Daily cloud backups


Abandoned plugin scans


Regular plugin update checks


Secure the WordPress core


Plugin conflict troubleshooting


Regular theme update checks


Brute-Force protection


Regular core update checks

Core Settings

The default settings that WordPress comes with cannot adequately protect against brute-force attacks.

Our Toledo web security experts select and activate customized settings that make it more difficult to crack your website’s login or gain access through a back door.

Make it difficult for a malicious user to find and attempt a hack, and they’ll move on and target other websites with lower security.


We back up websites daily, and each backup goes to the cloud where we save it for 90 days.

This three-month rolling daily backup process ensures that you always have a clean backup to restore your website if needed.

Most website hosts only offer monthly backup, which can leave you in a tight spot if a problem develops unnoticed over the span of several weeks.


Outdated WordPress core files, plugins, and themes can leave websites vulnerable to being hacked or compromised.

We ensure that all core, theme, and plugin files are regularly updated. Our website management team is located right here in Toledo and will alert you to possible conflicts and report any issues we find related to the software your website runs on.

A conflicting plugin or theme can stall the process, causing functionality problems on your website, including complete breakdowns. We’ll troubleshoot and correct the issue for you as part of our Security + Reliability Program.

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