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Why Is Facebook Marketing For Realtors So Important?

October 27, 2020

facebook marketing for realtors

Did you know that close to 80% of homebuyers will use online resources as part of their search? Anyone looking to buy a home is out there searching online and you just need to find a way to bring their search to you. 

Want to know why Facebook marketing for realtors is important and the best way to do this? Through the world’s leading social media platform. Leading real estate agents are already using Facebook to successfully generate leads and convert them into sales. 

Any forward thinking real estate agent will have tried or at the very least considered Facebook marketing as a tool to get their properties in front of potential buyers. Facebook connects hundreds of millions of people worldwide, which is the perfect audience for your portfolio of properties. 

Really, what is there not to like? 

  • You can create your own business page for free
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Build up your followers over time
  • Use Facebook ads or boost your posts to put properties in front of a targeted audience 

Through a little bit of work and an excellent strategy, you could emulate the success that many realtors are enjoying as we speak.

Toledo Realtor Marketing Chat with 419 Living’s Kaitlin Keiser

A photograph of a woman with long light blonde hair and a black dress in a professional pose in front of a marble wall. This photograph is of Kaitlin Keiser, a real estate agent/realtor in Toledo Ohio

For 4.5 years in my real estate business, I struggled to get leads from social media. It was frustrating because I knew my “sphere of influence” was right that at my fingertips. Once I took a step back and realized that the name of the game was to get my followers engaged and interacting, everything changed. I decided to build a page that would interest anyone local, not just anyone looking to buy or sell, because eventually, these people would want to move or they may know people who want to.  To do this, I started highlighting local businesses, talking about local events and sharing my favorite places to go, to eat at and to visit. Then I would sprinkle in real estate tips, testimonials and share what I was selling.  Along with this, I began showing myself and my personality more and I also worked to be extremely consistent. By showing yourself, people begin to know, like and trust you as the expert in your area.  Being consistent was also very important because the algorithms love that and you’re more likely to be seen.  These strategies are a lot of work behind the scenes and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up, but they have led to me being listed in the top 100 real estate agents in Ohio for social media and the top 15 real estate agents in Toledo for social media, so I can attest that they do work!

Kaitlin Keiser
Realtor | Key Realty
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Facebook Marketing for Realtors

While all the above sounds easy in theory, there is a reason some estate agents are doing far better than others on Facebook. They have a strong understanding of Facebook marketing or are using/hiring somebody else that does. 

You might think you can just gain followers easy, create a few posts of your properties, and the leads will come rolling in. This is not always the case as there is so much more to it if you want to be successful. 

You need to have a plan, a strategy, and implement it correctly. We are here to help you do just that. As experienced Facebook marketers, we know how to use the platform to not only get your properties seen by homebuyers but also to turn them into followers, likes, and eventually, conversions.

How do Realtors use Facebook for Marketing?

What we can do to help you market your portfolio of properties:

  • Help you to formulate a strategy and goals
  • Build up your followers
  • Design an effective follow-up system for leads
  • Teach you how to create compelling posts/ads that convert
  • Use Facebook ads to target the right audience
  • Review the performance of your ads

Before you know it, you will have a large following, will know how to effectively use Facebook ads, and create advertisements that entice, compel, and ultimately, convert.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate

When you create posts or ads of your properties, there is more to it than adding a picture and listing a few features. Homebuyers will have seen tons of ads, so yours have to stand out and compel them enough to click your post. 

What should Realtors post on Facebook?

Here are some tips when posting properties:

  • Always add many pictures to the post. Show off as much of the property as you can.
  • The link to the property on your website has to be early in the post. People do not have the patience to go searching through the post. If they see the pictures and like it, they want to click straight away.
  • Curiosity leads to engagement. Do not reveal details such as the price or location of the property in your post/ad. Anyone curious will click the link to find out. 
  • Use the description to entice while detailing as much as you can about the property.

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

So many types of businesses have flourished thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, so as a real estate agent or realtor, you should be making the most of what they offer. Sure, there are many traditional real estate marketing methods that are still effective but we can promise that none can create the volume of leads that a properly run Facebook marketing campaign can.

If you have tried and so far have not been seeing the best results or are new to Facebook marketing altogether, we are here to help. Through our services, you can harness our expertise to market your properties and most importantly, get them sold. 

Browse through our services or get in touch today to learn more about how we can help you and your real estate business succeed.